Here at Artistic Organics we have a wide selection of carefully crafted, premium products including: flower, tinctures, lotions, edibles, glassware and more. We are one of the oldest CBD stores in DFW, catering to our customers needs with personalized, one-on-one service. Our goal is education and helping you gain your life back. We visit and source direct from a variety of hemp growers around the US to find the best products based upon needs such as: pain, anxiety, sleep issues, pets, smokeables, and more. We carry CBD products and premium recreational products such as Delta 8 & 9 and many more. We offer free consultations to pair the right products to your needs. So stop in to ask questions, try samples, attend free classes, and more.

Kellie's Top Picks
Discounted bundles of our favorite 'go-to' products

Our favorite CBD products to put a smile on your face and make life brighter.
Anxiety Bundle all
Anxiety & Stress Bundle
Our favorite CBD products for the whole body pain and  muscles.
Our favorite CBD products for the whole body plus neurological pain.
AO + Pain Cream
Pain & Inflammation Bundle

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