How Long Will CBD Stay In The Body and Why Is It Important To Take CBD Twice Daily?

Join Kellie for the next question in our video series.  In video #7,  How long will CBD stay in the body and therefore why is it important to take it twice a day?  Its important to understand because high levels of CBD only stay in the body for so long.  You don’t want your body to ‘need’ it and subsequently not have it available for healing.  In our video series we answer questions from our customers so let us know your questions!

#7 How Long Will CBD Stay in The Body?

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  1. E
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    Me interesa el uso de CBD por mi Artrosis en mis columna lumbar y otras partes de mi cuerpo

    • admin
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      Yes CBD can help with arthritis and back pain. Most of our clients like to use the AO Oil, taken orally and for extra assistance, the pain cream can be added to help with localized pain.

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