AARP: What Is CBD And Does It Work?

The AARP did an article on Hemp and the Cannabis plant. This is a leading publication for older people and a leading magazine for information geared towards a specific age group.

As you know, we here at Artistic Organics like to share studies, especially those that are easy to read and understand. The whole article is rather long, but they don’t cut any corners and give open opinions on what people are using the plant for and how well it works for them. Below is the link to the article. We’d like to point out a few items of note. (Items in purple are taken directly from the article with our comments in black)

“At least 64 million Americans have tried CBD — including more than 1 in 6 boomers. The top reasons: pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia; in one recent study, two-thirds said it helped their health issue all by itself, and 30 percent said CBD helped when combined with conventional medications.” We’ve found this to be consistent with our clients as well. Another common use is to help with auto-immune conditions. Many people do find it helps by itself, and many do take it along with their current medications. We always strongly recommend a person work with their Dr/Pharmacist regarding their medications.

“Before trying CBD…. 1. Consult your doctor….2. Find a quality product. “Don’t just grab a bottle off the shelf at the convenience store,”…. 3. Start small.” We recommend people work with their Dr/Pharmacist regarding medication and make sure the company you purchase from is reputable with 3rd party labs. This is why we offer monthly free classes and post these articles here as well as other info, including labs on our website. We give every client a chart to follow to start with a small amount and work up.

The whole article is below. There are several other articles on the site regarding the plant and its uses. What Is CBD And Does It Work?

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