Activate Your Body’s Inner Communication System

We like to share information and get excited when it is easy to understand but also full of knowledge. This video is an interview with Dr Jake Felice and John Malanca from The Sacred Plant.  Dr Felice discusses using the whole plant, which we call ‘Full-Spectrum’.  We, here at Artistic Organics, always recommend whole plant / full-spectrum products.  In this short video Dr Felice goes into detail about how whole plant medicine activates the Endocannabiniod System to work better.  He touches upon why whole plant works differently on the body than “single molecule drugs” at triggering multiple cell networks and thereby helping the whole body’s communication network run better. The human body is constantly changing and its important for the communication between cells to work efficiently.

Take a few minutes and watch this great video:  Why Whole Plant Medicine Is The Best Way To Keep Your Body Healthy

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