All you need to know to choose your first glass pipe!

Here’s Ed with a new Gandalf Glass Pipe: “It spoke to me… I love this pipe!”

Ed Mahoney: Date: 10/02/2020

Let’s get started!

Our goal at Artistic Organics is simple; find effective products that truly help people feel better. Hemp flower is one of the purest and natural products that have been available … literally for thousands of years. It’s no wonder the development of smoking tools has changed! As a result, it’s time to learn all you need to know about choosing your first glass pipe.

I often think it’s weird that we carry glass in our store. It’s probably one of those things that fit right in, but being in Frisco, and having a boutique-style store, it sometimes feels out of place. Many of our customers are not your typical profile customer for glass, but we aim to please all demographics, and frankly, since I just turned 50, I’m right there with you. So while it may seem a bit out there to have glass in our store, it makes perfect sense since that is one of the most common ways to consume hemp flower.

The back story

Grandma smoking a bong

We tested the market a few months back with a few small glass pipes and 6″ water bubblers (mini bongs) to see the reaction from our clients. I have to laugh because the first glass pipe we sold was to a little old lady no less than 67 years young. She was hurting something fierce from rheumatoid arthritis. Her goal was to find quicker relief than what her CBD oil was doing for her. She disregarded today’s prejudices towards the cannabis industry to find some alleviation from her pain. As a result, she felt relief from the RA pain and was able to sleep better. Update: She shops here regularly trying new hemp flower and has graduated to a flask bubbler.

But which type of glass product is best for you? I’ve got to be frank; it’s purely your preference! However, you should consider several things when buying your first glass product to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Let me walk you through the top considerations:

What you need to look for in glass pipes

Size Does Matter!- Step 1 of choosing your glass pipe: Ask yourself… “Am I the “on-the-go” smoker, or would I rather chill at home? Do you have little minions that you should be more discrete around? Smaller palm-sized pipes (aka spoons) are ideal for the one to two hits. They also can easily fit in a pocket/purse or hide in a nightstand. On the other hand, larger flask bubblers allow you to load up more and share with your friends! Plus, larger pipes tend to be more beautiful works of art worthy of a shelf display.

Double recapture water pipe

Style: Step 2 of choosing your glass pipe: The styles are endless in the world of glass. You can go from mass-produced glass to handcrafted one of kind products. Your glass must be durable as well. But let’s be real… there’s nothing like having a stylish glass pipe to make you feel like you’re smoking with an “Artistic” journey. (see what I did there?) Find a piece that talks to you. How are the colors, the feel, the weight, etc. all come to play when you find your perfect partner for your hemp consumption.

Glass pipes

Standard pipe or water pipe? Step 3 in choosing your glass pipe! Water pipes have handy little water chambers that help filter the smoke. When the smoke passes through the water, it cools down and is filtered for a smooth, cooler smoke. That’s why inhaling smoke that has passed through a water chamber or percolator is more comfortable and healthier for your lungs.

Marie showing off a glass bong

Ask someone! Last step of choosing your glass pipe. Don’t forget that here at Artistic Organics; we pride ourselves on education first. If the thought of entering a seedy store that sells bongs, pipes, and other smoking paraphernalia is too intimidating, don’t sweat it! We keep a very selective line up for those who want to enjoy craft hemp flower. We can also guide you to choose the best glass pipes for your lifestyle and enjoy your hemp.

So there you have it! It wasn’t as complicated as you thought? In all fairness, there is a bit more to it than that, but once you[‘re ready to take that next step, stop by Artistic Organics and we’ll help educate you on some of the finer details and help you choose which glass pipe is best for your lifestyle.

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