CBD And Anxiety / Serotonin During This Stressful Time

With our current world situation, its not a surprise anxiety is on the rise.  Some people may wonder how CBD can help during this stressful time we all find ourselves in worldwide.

“Cannabidiol (CBD),  is earning a reputation as an effective treatment for anxiety and several other medical conditions.”

We here at Artistic Organics – CBD Wellness, receive feedback directly from our customers with anxiety and stress.  That is one reason we have a category on our website specifically for Anxiety / Stress.    We have researched and tested products and found those that are the most effective for balancing out anxiety, stress, and mood.  It can be a life changer!

Serotonin plays a part in balancing mood.  It is a neurotransmitter that assists in regulating happiness and a feeling of well-being.  CBD binds with receptors similar to Serotonin.  This mechanism makes CBD a potential therapeutic agent in combating conditions like anxiety and depression through its effect on serotonin.

We, here at Artistic Organics, offer free consultations to match the product with the issue someone is dealing with, while also taking into considerations lifestyle preferences.  Our ‘go-to’ product is NuLeaf.  It is an all organic, carefully grown and crafted oil tincture someone would drop under their tongue 2x a day.  It helps to modulate the body’s reactions to stress and is a mood enhancer.  Many clients feel more balanced to deal with daily issues.

Lifestyle plays an important part.  If someone is on the go and wants an easy, portable product we suggest gummies,water, or capsules.  If someone wants to take time to enjoy CBD in its all natural form, we have flower that can be made into a tea,smoked, or made into a traditional tincture recipe.  Check out our Strain Guide for customer ratings on our flower strains!


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