CBD coffee was a pleasant surprise! Marie tells everything!

Hey Marie… is that CBD coffee or were you trying other products?!

This one’s for the CBD curious folks with commitment phobia and caffeine addictions. The daily grind of life is tough enough, but with the addition of virtual schooling, loud naughty children, and no personal space – I found this to be the ultimate quick fix. I am by no means a morning person, but after just one cup of this CBD infused Colombian ground coffee, I feel like I can attack the day without the caffeine jitters. It literally lasts all day and I feel completely relaxed. Not to mention, the taste is amazing. At Artistic Organics, we’ve tried several CBD coffee samples, and most either tasted funky, or I found it was no different than a regular cup “Joe”. Then I tested Sunstate CBD coffee. (I’m a Dark Roast girl!) This brand is a true gem and such a pleasant surprise! A deliciously robust coffee that gives you the perfect balance of focus and chill. It’s what you would expect if you could combine your love for cannabis and coffee in liquid form. Guaranteed to unconsciously spread the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” vibe… AND… it’s NON-GMO! You won’t even miss your Starbucks. So come on, give it a try by clicking HERE

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