CBD Oil For Cravings And Anxiety

MSN recently published an article on how CBD oil can help cravings and anxiety. Most articles don’t give much info, but this one is well written, giving information on how they conducted the trial and the amount of CBD that was used.  MSN presents the info in a way that not only applies to the test group studied, but everyone else as well. The article link is below, but there are a few items to note from the article we think are important…. (Items in purple are taken directly from the article, with our comments afterwards)

(“The specific effects of CBD on cue-induced drug craving and anxiety are particularly important in the development of addiction therapeutics because environmental cues are one of the strongest triggers for relapse and continued drug use.”)  The discussion of environmental cues on any person, not just drug addicts, is key here.  Environmental triggers effect most people in forming behavior patterns…..not just drug users.  This leads someone to consider using CBD for anyone dealing with breaking ‘triggers’.

(“… received CBD — 400 mg or 800 mg once daily —”)  The study used over 20x the CBD amount most of our clients use.  This is important because it shows that the amount of CBD used can vary widely and the upper limit of what can work for people is higher than most people realize.

(“Moreover, CBD seemed to have a lasting effect — the drug continued to reduce cravings and anxiety for seven days, well beyond the time the drug is expected to be present in the body.”)  We’ve noticed CBD use in our customers has a long lasting effect as well.  The explanation we give is that CBD helps the body come back into balance and the body can stay there.  It isn’t just a factor of continual use of CBD…. but a way of possibly healing the body.

(“We’re in the middle of a huge movement in CBD research, but the Mount Sinai study is not the first,” said Dr. Danesh Alam, medical director of behavioral health at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, who was not involved in the study. “We’ve seen results like this from studies done in the heroin population in 2015-16. There are many chemicals found in marijuana including CBD that need to be studied further, but the restrictions on marijuana research have set us back.”)  We applaud the push to do studies on the plant and what it can do and encourage everyone to vocalize their support of more studies.  Public encouragement is what is takes!

MSN CBD Helps Heroin Anxiety and Cravings Article Link

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