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Choose The Right CBD Products For Sleep

Getting enough sleep can change everything…

Getting enough sleep can change everything in your life. For instance, getting enough can make the days brighter, relieve discomfort, balance the body and makes us feel better. But, sometimes sleep eludes us, and we need help to get us back to restful nights. It is important to choose the right CBD products for sleep and your lifestyle.

Sleep issues have many causes, whether our minds are racing, or our body has aches that don’t allow us to relax, or a multitude of other reasons, finding help can be difficult. Therefore, many people need help to choose the right CBD products for sleep.

Insomnia affects between 10-to-30 percent in the general population and climbs as high as 50-to-60 percent for older adults and people with medical issues. It can be so severe that people suffer from significant daytime symptoms such as fatigue, sleepiness, inattention, mood disturbance, or impaired performance. Whereas getting enough sleep can change everything!

That’s where we come in, here at Artistic Organics, our goal always has been to help customers choose the right products for sleep and to match our customers’ needs and lifestyle. Sleep is one of the top concerns our clients come to us for assistance. We know that certain hemp plant strains and custom blended products will focus on sleep. Overall, we know that customers have all levels of sleep issues and we offer a selection of products to target these issues. Lifestyle also plays a big part, which is why we give an overview of the symptom relief per product both in-store and on our website in the sleep section.

Lets walk through a few of our BEST SELLING sleep products with some lifestyle points…..

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Versatile products for day and night…

Endo CBD Water

Endo CBD Water has been a core product for over a year. Customers love it to quiet an over-active brain so you can fall asleep on your own. Overall, we suggest it for children, adults, daytime, and nighttime. Customers love to leave this on their nightstand and take a sip if they wake during the night.

Organic CBD Gummies

Organic Gummies

These organic gummies are versatile. Most of our clients use them for stress, anxiety, relaxation, mood enhancer, and healthy sleep. They can be used both daytime and nighttime to help the brain calm and focus.

CBD Bath Bomb

Bath bombs not only make great gifts they also soothe sore muscles and promote body relaxation! This is perfect for total body relaxation. You will want to go to bed after a soak with one of these! “Going to bed after taking a bath with one of these is like sticking your hand in a fur filled glove.” – Real customer from our store-

Sun God Sleep Tincture CBD

Sleep Specific Products…

CBD Sleep Tincture

This is a potent, organic, full plant hemp CBD tincture coupled with herbs traditionally used to help restore balanced sleep cycles. It is blended by herbalists with a long history of plant remedies. A store favorite for those that need more help getting and staying asleep.

IXI Melatonin Sleep Gummies

IXI Melatonin CBD Gummies

Melatonin and CBD are very compatible and work well together. These gummies taste great and come in several flavors. In short, the product is particularly good for someone who wants to take CBD in the evening to help with sleep. Taking it an hour or two before bed can help people get to sleep and stay asleep.

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Sleep And More…

Delta 8

Delta 8 has been in the news quite a bit lately. Noteably it “feels” very similar to its relative Delta 9 THC from Marijuana. Unlike CBD, the more you take will create a ‘high’. Due to its versatility it is very popular because a little will promote relaxation/stress-relief and focus, whereas more will move a user towards a recreational feel. For many the effects last for hours which makes it perfect for a night of deep, relaxing sleep.

No matter what your sleep issue, we are here to help. Above all, offer free phone, email, and in-store consultations to all of our clients to help you choose the right CBD products for sleep or any issue you, your family and pets may have.

Here are some additional sleep products that can be found on our Sleep Page……

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