Everything you need to know about CBG

It’s hard to imagine that there are over 120 cannabinoids in the hemp plant.   With as much hype we hear about CBD and Delta 8, it’s easy to forget how important they ALL are to understand the powers of cannabis.   Since we have completed the vetting process of one of our newest products, we thought it would be appropriate to have a spot about everything you need to know about CBG

What is CBG?

So, what is CBG?  In short, CBG stands for “cannabigerol.”  We like to call it the “Granddaddy of all cannabinoids”  because CBG is essentially the “parent” of all other cannabinoids.  This means that during the growth process of the cannabis plant, CBG converts to other cannabinoids like CBD and THC.    The longer the plant grows, the less CBG is present in the plant, so the very best CBG on the market today is cultivated from young plants.  There are certain strains like Super Glue, Jack Frost, and White CBG that naturally have high levels of CBG present.

What are the benefits of CBG?

Part of everything you need to know about CBG includes the conditions it may help you with. Check them out here.

  • Treating glaucoma through its vasodilator and neuroprotective effects.
  • Decreasing inflammation, as seen in animal models of inflammatory bowels disease
  • Combatting Huntingdon’s disease, through its neuroprotective effects
  • Inhibiting tumor growth in animal models of colorectal cancer
  • Killing drug-resistant bacteria, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Keep in mind; studies are sparse and early in development, so while many studies look promising, none of these claims above have been thoroughly researched and confirmed.   More studies are ongoing.

How do I take CBG?

Much like CBD, the most common method of taking CBG is through an oil sublingual method.   However, other methods such as Gel Caps, CBG rich hemp flower, and even topically have show promise.   Remember, there are no perfect answers for everyone.  You must find the method that best meets your lifestyle and the condition you are trying to treat.    

What does Artistic Organics carry in CBG?

Artistic Organics has been vetting and testing various CBG products on the market.  We need to know everything about CBG as well! So far, most have yet to impress us.  However, we have found a little gem that we feel very optimistic about.   Sun State CBG/CBD gel caps is a product that we’ve been checking out for a while. When they made it past the COA and quality control tests, we sent some samples to our closest friends, family, and customers.  The results were far beyond our expectations, and we’re pleasantly pleased with the results we got from our testers.      The most significant feedback was the pain relief some of our testers felt.    With the final stages completed, we have now added CBG Gel Caps to our cannabis selections!

Interestingly enough, some studies have shown that CBG can be even more effective than CBD when treating some conditions like glaucoma, inflammation issues, movement disorders like MS and Parkinson’s, etc.     In comparison, CBD works with your CB1 and CB2 receptors mostly through indirect interactions with the endocannabinoid system.   However, it is believed that CBG’s therapeutic effects happen through direct interaction with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain.  While research is limited in comparison to CBD and THC, there is early research that has shown some therapeutic benefits for:

Once you give them a try, be sure to let us know what you think about them!  SHOP HERE! We always continue to get feedback from our customers to understand what works and what needs more emphasis.

Ed Mahoney -Artistic Organics

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