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This is Kellie with CBD Wellness- Artistic Organics in Frisco Texas. I’m going to tell you a bit about the organic tinctures we carry. The first is NuLeaf, they are a company out of Colorado. The second is our brand from a grower in Oregon. Both are very good products used for multiple issues, including medical.


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    David Long
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    Hello! I was listening to obstacle dominator podcast. What I’m looking for is almost exactly what Benny is looking to get out of Cbd oil. What product in your store would you recommend for someone who does CrossFit and spartan racing competitively. Looking to recover faster and just improve all aspects of my life. I also have ADD and from the research I have done I learned it can have significant benefits for people with ADD/ADHD.

    • admin
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      The oil Beni mentions….the AO Oil Blend…. is good for ADD/ADHD. We’ve had customers try it and are happy with the results. It helps calm the “thinking of the brain”, as I like to describe it. You’ll also notice the muscle recovery once it’s been in your body about two weeks.
      All orders come with directions to help you find your optimal amount.

      Hope that helps

  2. K
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    Hello I to listen to the podcast….
    I’m looking for something to help me get off of prescription sleeping medication! If I don’t take them I fully never go to sleep! I also am dealing with constipation after having weight loss surgery! I have ordered from Ben greenfield recommend cod oil! But I live in mesquite Texas! So your close!
    And I am having trouble with shoulders so maybe a cream as well

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      Thanks for all the info…. I have a few questions…
      Can you get to sleep? I’m assuming you can’t stay asleep?
      Do you wake at the same time every night? Like 2 or 3 am?
      How are your hormones?

      An oil is taken twice a day and tastes like the plant. It helps the body balance itself out, including sleep.

      If you have hormone issues I recommend the NuLeaf.

      If you don’t, then I’d recommend the Artistic Organics Oil Blend because it will help with the constipation and issues with the gut.

      Many clients will also add the gummies because the plant variety that is in them can help your brain shut down so you can sleep. Basically it quits ‘talking’. (This was my problem). You can take a gummy as needed.

      The pain cream is also used as needed for when your shoulder pain is really bothering you.

      I hope that helps,

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