Parkinson’s And Alzheimer’s

Forbes recently published their interview with Dr. Ethan Russo (link is below).  He is one of the premier Dr’s on how the plant “Cannabis” works on the body and how it can be used for ailments.  In this article he discusses how the plant can help Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  We, here at Artistic Organics, are always looking for informative articles to pass onto you.  This is is an excellent article and we’d like to point out a few items to note.  (Items in purple are taken directly from the article, with our comments  in black)

“Dr. Ethan Russo: The ECS (Endocannabinoid System) regulates most physiological systems in the body, but above all the nervous system, where it helps to achieve the balance that allows individual nerve cells to communicate. The ECS is disrupted in both AD and PD. (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s)”   We’ve found that many autoimmune conditions are rooted in the body being out of balance and the cells not communicating correctly.  The plant, Cannabis can help bring the body back into balance by regulating the way the cells communicate.

“The best results in PD (Parkinson’s) were reported in a Czech study in 2004, in which patients ate raw leaves of cannabis for as much as three months and reported significant improvement in overall function, tremor, bradykinesia and rigidity, with few side effects.”  Consuming the raw leaves has been noted to have an impact on tremors and this is why we, Artistic Organics, carry a RAW product which is as close to eating the raw leaves that we’ve found.  We have multiple clients who use it for tremors and spasms with success.

“The story in AD (Alzheimer’s) is even more intriguing. Both THC and CBD have been shown to interfere with the production of abnormal toxic matter in the brain of such patients. This is quite exciting, inasmuch as synthetic drugs designed for similar purposes have yet to advance in the clinic.”  When reading this it is important to note that the plant is having success in testing, but not synthetic drugs.  We also agree with this, which is why we source product that is grown naturally to keep the whole plant intact as much as possible and manufacturing is very careful to do the same.

“A severe price may be paid if cannabis-based medicines are devoid of THC. It is clear from the above that THC has a major role to play in both symptomatic treatment of dementia and quite possibly in preventative benefit.”  ………. “Very small doses of THC are required and their benefits outweigh any risks by healthy measures.”  We agree with this statement which is why we carry ‘full-spectrum, whole plant” products with less than .3 THC (the federal legal limit).  Most people do not realize that this small amount of THC is very important.  The benefits of all of the parts of the plant, working together, far outweigh the benefits of only isolates or broad-spectrum products, where most of the plant has been stripped away.  We do carry 0THC products because they do have a benefit that some people need, but in general this is a small portion of our clients.

“An underappreciated factor in degenerative diseases is the microbiome, the bacterial content of the gut. We know that THC, rather than leading to obesity as one might surmise, rather changes the microbiome balance in the gut to favor bacteria that protect from development of obesity and the metabolic syndrome.”  This statement shows that what we know about the plant is very small and that ongoing studies are finding new benefits that are just becoming known.  This is exciting as the industry continues to change and grow.  As always, here at Artistic Organics, we keep current on the industry and the scientific research and will continue to pass on information.  We sift through information and hold monthly classes here at our store and post information for all of our customers.

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Cannabis For Parkinson’s And Alzheimer’s Diseases -An Interview With Dr. Ethan Russo

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