Delta 8 Endo Gummies
Delta 8 Gummies

NEW HIGHER MG… SAME PRICE! Endo Delta 8 gummies are 25mg each and come in 3 pack sizes. We suggest starting with 1 gummy, taken with food, and waiting several hours. We’ve found these Endo gummies to be calming and help with focus in smaller doses and more relaxing in larger doses with a head and body high.

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Sun State sleep gummies 750 mg melatonin
Organic Vegan Nighttime Sleep Gummies

What better way is there to sleep than by trying organic, 100% vegan Fruit Slice CBD gummies!

Looking for a 0THC, vegan-friendly way to try CBD sleep gummies? Our organic Fruit Slices are the perfect option! With five different fruity flavors, our organic Fruit Slice CBD gummies provide 25mg of hemp and 1 mg of melatonin per piece.

This product is good for someone who wants to take CBD in the evening to help with sleep. These gummies taste great!. If you want quicker absorption, we recommend sucking on it so it can absorb through the mouth.

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iXi Nighttime Sleep Gummies
iXi Nighttime Sleep Gummies

There are 250mg of CBD per bottle. Each gummy has 10mg of CBD and 5mg Melatonin. 0THC. The flavors all taste great.

This product is good for someone who wants to take CBD in the evening to help with sleep. These gummies taste great!. If you want quicker absorption, we recommend holding under your tongue until it dissolves

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Organic CBD Gummies
Organic Gummies 300mg & 750mg

We love these gummies. Each 300mg bottle has 30 gummies per jar with 10mg of CBD per gummy. Each 750mg bottle has 30 gummies per jar with 25mg per gummy. The gummies taste great and are shaped/flavored like different assorted fruits.

They are organic, vegan, gelatin free, gluten free, sweetened with organic cane sugar, and contain full-spectrum CBD.

Most of our clients use them for stress, anxiety, relaxation, mood enhancer and healthy sleep. The 300mg bottle is good for both day and mild nighttime issues. The 750mg bottle is for moderate to severe day and night issues. We recommend holding under your tongue until gummie dissolves. By doing so, it increases absorption and many find the relief they are looking for in 20 minutes.

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Endo Hemp Water Flavor
CBD Water

Want a portable refreshing drink that helps with stress, anxiety and stomach issues? Want to replace a drink at night to help you wind down? Try our Endo Water. We love all 4 flavors….. Plain, Watermelon, Lemon Lime and Cucumber. There is no sweetener of any type added.

These waters are great over ice, or in a mixed drink, or straight from the bottle. Most people start with 1oz and work up from there to deal with daily stress or even before bed to wind down in the evening.

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Willie's Remedy CBD Hemp Tea Willie Nelson
Willie’s Remedy Tea

Willie’s Remedy Tea – Count Your Blessings Daily – and enjoy a cup of CBD tea. Willie Nelson’s line of tea combines the best of full-spectrum hemp extract with herbal infusions and tea leaves for an ensemble that really sings. The all-natural process protects the delicate leaves and retains the delicious flavor of each botanical, while adding calm to every cup.

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Honey Stick
Honey Stick

There are 15mg of CBD per honey stick, blended with all natural raw clover honey.

This product is a treat in a cup of tea, on toast or right from the stick. They are easy to take places and clients especially love them for pain and inflammation.

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3 for $10

7 for $20

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Hemp Chocolate 25mg each Milk Dark
Chocolate 4-Pack, 100mg

These 25mg CBD chocolates are all-natural, silky treats. Each piece is individually wrapped making it a great option for people on the go or to save for later! With zero artificial flavors, dyes or additives this plant-based treat is guilt-free. It is a tasty way to supplement your CBD intake in the middle of the day, or as an end of the day relaxing treat.

Choose between Milk or Dark Chocolate. Our customers tell us these are smooth and creamy, similar to a Dove Chocolate. The Dark is rich and closer to medium-dark chocolate. The Milk is sweet and extra creamy.

They come in a mesh bag and make a great gift.




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Taffy 10 Pcs
Taffy 10 Pcs

These taffy treats, remind us of childhood carnival taffy. They taste great and help with focus and calming the brain. Each piece has 10mg CBD and are a a great way to supplement your CBD intake and as a relaxing end of the day treat. They come in a variety of colors… some will be colored and others will be cream colored with a colored stripe.



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CBD Coffee
CBD Coffee

This pre-ground CBD coffee Has changed our mornings!! We’ve been looking for a CBD coffee that meets our taste standards. This is it! This coffee tastes like a high end coffee you’d get from your favorite barista. The flavor is smooth and rich. Clients tell us they feel focused, alert and calm with no jitters!! Choose either Medium or Dark roast.

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