Delta 8 gummie hemp reroll
Party Pack Delta 8 Gummie and Hemp Flower Preroll

Party in a pack!!! One Delta 8 25mg gummie and a hemp pre-roll 1gm all in one pack. A great way to start a party, or try both. The hemp roll is made from our Premium and Top Shelf flower buds, hand-made here in store.

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Bubba Kush Light Deprived Top Shelf
Bubba Kush Greenhouse Light Deprived Top Shelf Flower

This Top Shelf Bubba Kush flower is a greenhouse / light deprivation flower, which allows for an optimum environment for growing a top shelf flower. This flower has small buds with a great aroma and is good for evening use. This is an evening strain to help you wind down.

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Delta 8 CBG White Flower
Delta 8 Flower

This is the best Delta 8 flower we’ve tried…. and we’ve tried a lot! This flower is coated with frosty trichomes and the smoke is a delight. Delta 8 is man-made from hemp and then applied to hemp flower. It has a stronger feel than traditional hemp and smokes great. It is a must for someone who wants a stronger feel from their hemp flower.

Bubba Kush has a body heavy feel and is good for PM

CBG White is known for its help with discomfort for AM or PM

Hawaiian Haze is the life of the party with a creative and uplifting feel.

Sour Lifter is a great blend for anytime with a more body feel for AM

Frosted Lime is for staying on task and good balance for AM

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Hawaiian Haze Organic Hemp Flower
Hawaiian Haze Flower

We love Hawaiian Haze. This flower will put a smile on your face! It is uplifting, social, and happy.

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Hawaiian Haze Organic Hemp Flower
Hawaiian Haze USDA Organic Certified Flower Top Shelf

This Top Shelf Hawaiian Haze flower is brand new from the 2020 crop! This is a flower is USDA Certified Organic, a rarety in the industry. This flower will put a smile on your face! It is uplifting, social, and happy.

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Indoor Angie Hemp Flower
Indoor Angie Outdoor Grown Top Shelf Flower

Indoor Angie is our ‘Shop Favorite’. This flower is grown outdoors, which is uncommon in this industry. It is from Colorado and this strain was introduced to the industry this year. It has a complex smoke that is reminiscent of ‘old school flower’ and reminds us of a walk in a pine forest. It starts in the head and moves to the body while leaving you feeling alert. We like it for daytime use.

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Legendary CBD Hemp Flower
Legendary Hemp Flower

Legendary is an indoor grown hemp flower from Oregon. We love how this isn’t quite a heavy PM flower and not an AM flower. It reminds us of a flower perfect for late afternoon or early evening. It definitely can be felt in the body, but with an uplifted mood and a smile. It is great after a long day when you want to wind down and relax with a smile.

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Single Prerolls Cones Premium and Top Shelf Flower
Single Prerolls Cones Premium and Top Shelf Flower

These single rolls and cones are a great way to try different hemp strains. Our rolls are wrapped in organic hemp paper from RAW. Check out one, or check them all! You can’t go wrong!

All of our flower is organic, grown on craft farms. We carefully review every grower and know them by name. Our flower is Premium and Top Shelf and you can tell the difference between our flower and others.

Once you find your favorites, check out our other listings where you can buy the flower and roll your own, or smoke it in a pipe or pen.

Check out our Strain Guide to see how our customers rate the effects of each strain. The link is below.

Come back often to check out the plant strains we have in stock.

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Tokes Pack 20pack
Tokes Pack 20pack

ENDO Tokes hemp cigarettes are rolled with organically grown CBD hemp flower. The filtered hemp smokes look just like traditional cigarettes (100% tobacco free) for a CBD experience that is convenient, discreet, and effective.

Always with you on the go, the sturdy and stylish cigarette packs mean you always have the benefits of CBD close at hand. Find your chill without the high, plus enjoy our CBD hemp Tokes as an effective tobacco alternative to help you quit smoking.

The menthol has a traditional cigarette filter. The original has a hollow filter for easy airflow.

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white rabbit shredder grinder card
Card Grinder Shredder

Easy to use and perfect for on-the-go. These great looking card grinders are no bigger than a credit card, come with their own discrete sleeve, and easily fit into your wallet.




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Santa Cruz Grinder Shredder
Santa Cruz Grinder Shredder

Santa Cruz grinders are well known and have a cult like following for a reason! Design to give you a consistent fluffy grind that Santa Cruz Shredder is known for, these 100% hemp grinders are compact and our AO store favorite.




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Boveda Humidity Packs
Boveda Humidity Packs

It is important to keep flower fresh. No matter what container you keep your flower in, it is delicate and will loose or gain moisture over time. Cannabis flower likes a consistence moisture content. This allows for optimal preservation of the cannabinoids and terpenes (the stuff you want!)

Boveda is a 2 way moisture packet that enables the container to preserve your flower and keep it fresh and perfect for your use. Over a few days it evens out the moisture content by either absorbing moisture or releasing it. Your flower will stay fresh for several months. For more information read our Blog article on the Boveda Packs.

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CVault is the go-to flower storage container, it is the “The World’s Smartest Storage Container, No Thinking Required!”. The combination of Boveda’s humidity control pack with the food grade 304 stainless steel, creating the perfect environment.


Enhances Taste & Improves Smoothness

Store Product Longer – Revives Old Product

304 Food Grade Stainless Steel


Wide mouth design for easy access

Two-Way Humidity Control



Pack Holder designed for Boveda (each container comes with a Boveda pack)

For more information read our Blog article on the CVault and Boveda Packs.

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ResRemover Pipe Glass Cleaner
ResRemover Pipe Glass Cleaner

ResRemover cleaner is our favorite cleaner. Its easy to use!!! “Just Add Water”! Simply add hot water to the bag, add your dirty accessories, and soak overnight. All-natural plant based formula is safe on the environment, no more alcohol or other harsh solvents! Since ResRemover is water-based it rinses completely clean after use, there’s no bad tastes, smells, or residues from other traditional cleaning chemicals. Say goodbye to isopropyl alcohol and other harsh solvents, salts, and abrasives. No agitation required. The cleaning pouch can be stored by closing the zip seal top and storing with other household cleaners.

Safe on glass, quartz, acrylic, plastic, silicone, metal, ceramic.

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