Hemp Chocolate 25mg each Milk Dark
CBD Chocolate Bars and Squares (Milk or Dark)

(PLEASE NOTE:  These are very soft chocolates. We only recommend shipping them from September through April.  If you order them for shipment we can not guarantee they will not melt and will not accept returns.)

These 25mg CBD chocolates are all-natural, silky treats.  Each piece is individually wrapped making it a great option for people on the go or to save for later! With zero artificial flavors, dyes or additives this plant-based treat is guilt-free.  It is a tasty way to supplement your CBD intake in the middle of the day, or as an end of the day relaxing treat.

Our clients tell us the Milk and Dark Chocolates remind them of high end European chocolates.  They make a great gift for anyone who needs to melt their cares away.




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Recreational Caramel Corn Popcorn D9

We’ve been testing this new Xite caramel corn in the store and it is a winner. 100mg D9 and 100mg CBD per bag.  Our favorite way to enjoy a movie is to add 1/4 – 1/2 cup to a bowl of popcorn for a fun time.  It is made with Farm Bill compliant .3% THC made from hemp.

You will not pass a drug test and you will feel high so please use caution.

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Recreational Chocolate, Caramel, BonBon, D9

We love our Delta 8 handmade candies so much, that we now carry the recreational chocolates with Delta 9 THC.  They are made with Farm Bill compliant .3% THC made from hemp.

These are hand-made artisan treats and taste great and pack a punch because you will feel high.

The chocolate comes in Milk or Dark.  The chocolate squares, Peanut Butter Bonbons, and Caramels, all have 15mg of Delta 9 and 15mg of CBD.

The chocolate bars have 150mg of Delta 9 and 150mg of CBD and are easily broken into pieces.

Please note that these are strong, even for people with a high tolerance.  Please start with 1/2 per piece.

(PLEASE NOTE:  These are very soft hand-made candies.  We don’t recommend shipping them from June through September.  If you do order them for shipping we can not guarantee them and will not accept returns.)


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