Delta 8 Tincture 3000mg Grouping
Delta 8 Endo 3000mg Oil Tincture “Body Blast”

NEW AND IMPROVED: Now 3000mg per bottle!!! (Please note this is stronger.  Please shake well before filling dropper)

Endo Delta 8 oil is a store favorite and now comes in a choice of Hawaiian Haze (Sativa) or Strawberry Fields (Indica).  We recommend starting with just a few drops and waiting several hours to judge if you want to take more.  Once you figure out your optimal amount Delta 8 changes based on how much you take and is both daytime functional and evening relaxing and enjoyable.  Here are our recommendations on how to take it.


What Is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 is an isomer of Delta-9-THC the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis (Isomers are two or more compounds with the same formula but a different arrangement of atoms in the molecule and different properties). While Delta-9-THC is generally considered what gets you “high” when you consume Marijuana, Delta-8’s effects are not as pronounced.

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Endo Sleep Tincture 600 Delta 8 600 CBN
Endo Rest Tincture 600 mg Delta 8 : 600 mg CBN

Endo Rest Tincture has 600mg of delta 8 and 600mg of CBN.  This formula works well for people who have rest issues.  Take 1/4 dropper (to start) under the tongue about 1 hour before bed.  Adjust how much you take and when to fit your needs.  CBN makes people very relaxed for about 30-45 minutes.  This is the perfect window to go to bed and drift off.  If you wake during the night, just put a few drops under your tongue.  While higher dosages help with rest, lower dosages help with relaxation for a calmer day or night.

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