NuLeaf CBD:CBN 3:1 60CT Mixed Berry Gummies
NuLeaf CBD : CBN Sleep Gummy

The NuLeaf 3:1 CBD:CBN Sleep Gummy is made with organic ingredients and contains no artificial colors or flavors. Lab tested to ensure purity, these plant based fruit gummies have a mixed berry flavor and are precisely dosed at 20mg/gummy to promote rest and relaxation. We suggest a starting dose of two gummies (40mg) daily or as needed.

Common benefits reported in customer reviews include:

  • Improved sleep and relaxation
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AO Gummies 750mg
Organic Gummies 375mg per bag & 750mg per jar

We apologize, our manuf has discontinued making this product.  We are looking for a replacement and will notify everyone via our newsletter.  Each gummie has 25mg of a potent CBD formula specific to help with anxiety, emotional outbursts, stress, focus and relaxation before bed.  Choose from a 30-count jar or a 15-count bag.

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