Nano K Milk Chocolate Minis Stack
Nano K Kratom Chocolate 100mg Per Piece

Nano K Kratom Chocolates are infused with the highest quality water-soluble Kratom extract on the market. Each piece contains 100 mg of Mitragynine Kratom at 70% bioavailability.  (Most Kratom is 45% bioavailable). This formula of Kratom is used for severe pain and relaxation.  This is a very strong product and you should not take more than 1/4 of a piece until you know the feel.  The water-soluble Kratom formula has smaller, than normal, Kratom molecules, which last longer with stronger effects than traditional Kratom extracts. (Many people use Kratom instead of prescription pain medications)

Kratom chocolate is an easy, tasty way to consume a consistent and accurate dose every time.  Please be aware that you may feel the Kratom after 15 minutes and you should be home the first time to gauge the strength and how long it lasts.  They are very strong, even for people with a high tolerance.  Please start with 1/4 of a piece.

(PLEASE NOTE:  These are very soft hand-made candies.  We don’t recommend shipping them from June through September.  If you do order them for shipping, we can not guarantee them and will not accept returns.)


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