Disposable Vape 3.75gm & 4.75gm Kream + Faded 8 Cannabinoid Blend

Kream + Faded has created a wonderful blend of 8 cannabinoids. We love these for their ‘function’.  It is ‘smooth sailing’ all day long.  These blends come in 3.75gm disposable and 4.75gm.  They are chargeable with an Android type charger (not included). Each one comes printed with the strain and easily identifiable graphics.The unit is a short-round discrete disposable with a mild flavor. As a bonus, each unit comes printed and colored with graphics so you’ll never wonder what is in it.

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NEW Strains & Sizes
Baby Kream Destination Vape Blend Kream & Faded
Disposable Vape Kream Liquid Shatter + THCP D8 HHC CBD CBG 2.5g

Kream Liquid Shatter + H4CBD+ THCP+ D8 + HHC + CBD + CBG.  That’s a lot in a 2.5g disposable with a preheat setting.  These are a blend of head and body feel that calms both to put a smile on your face.  These create a flavorful smell of chocolate, vanilla, cream, or strawberry.  The color-coded devices make it easy to remember which flavor you love.

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Mushroom Disposable Vape Mushiez 2.5gm Euphoria Wonderland Ace Leaf

Ace Leaf creates unique mushroom and plant blends you can’t find anywhere else.  These Euphoria and Wonderland blends are made from Amanita, Reishi, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, and THCA.  This product does not contain psilocybin.  The combination creates a unique, uplifted, happy feel that is functional and increases the more you vape. The Mushiez is excellent when added to other products to create an uplifted, trippy feel with visuals when your eyes are closed.  More info below…

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