Disposable Vape 3.75gm & 4.75gm Kream + Faded 8 Cannabinoid Blend

Kream + Faded has created a wonderful blend of 8 cannabinoids. We love these for their ‘function’.  It is ‘smooth sailing’ all day long.  These blends come in 3.75gm disposable and 4.75gm.  They are chargeable with an Android type charger (not included). Each one comes printed with the strain and easily identifiable graphics.The unit is a short-round discrete disposable with a mild flavor. As a bonus, each unit comes printed and colored with graphics so you’ll never wonder what is in it.

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NEW Strains & Sizes
Baby Kream Destination Vape Blend Kream & Faded
Disposable Vape Kream Liquid Shatter + THCP D8 HHC CBD CBG 2.5g

Kream Liquid Shatter + H4CBD+ THCP+ D8 + HHC + CBD + CBG.  That’s a lot in a 2.5g disposable with a preheat setting.  These are a blend of head and body feel that calms both to put a smile on your face.  These create a flavorful smell of chocolate, vanilla, cream, or strawberry.  The color-coded devices make it easy to remember which flavor you love.

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Ghost D9 CBD gummies group
Ghost Delta 9 CBD Blend 1000mg Gummies

Ghost Delta 9 CBD gummies have 25 mg of each.  These gummies are large and easy to cut to your prefect dose.  They lean more toward a calm Hybrid feel, perfect for day or night.  They are strong and we suggest starting with 1/2 for medium tolerance and 1/4 for low tolerance.  1000mg per jar of 20 gummies.

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Ghost Shadow Blend 5000mg Gummies D6 THCA Diamonds

Ghost Shadow Blend 5000mg gummies with D6 THCA Diamonds are a unique blend and feel to add to your arsenal of favorites. Not only are they tasty, but they have potent euphoric effects that will leave anyone satisfied and can lead to heavy relaxation the more you take.  Admittedly, they are potent, and low tolerance people should take 1/8 or 1/4.  Importantly, please let them slowly dissolve and eat them with a snack to activate them!

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Ghost Spirit Blend 7000mg Gummies Live Badder THCA

Ghost Spirit Blend 7000mg gummies with Live Badder and THCA create a trippy, euphoric awakening of the senses and symphony for the soul.  Typically, customers shouldn’t take more than 1/4 at a time.  High tolerance people should wait 20 min between each piece for the best ride.  Importantly, please let them slowly dissolve and eat them with a snack to activate them!

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