sun state ultra blend gummies assortment 50mg
Sun State Ultra Blend Gummies HHC Delta 8 Delta 9 THCP

Sun State Ultra Blend 50mg gummies are trippy and can get heavy, depending upon dosage.  For most people and they should be consumed in the evening for the best enjoyment of this unique feel.  We suggest our high-tolerance customers try 1/2 the first time.  Low-tolerance customers should try 1/4.  The combo of D8 plus D9 plus HHC plus THCP creates a heady combo that can get you couch-locked if you consume too much.

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sun state ultra blend lollipop grape 50mg
Sun State Ultra Blend Lollipop HHC Delta 8 Delta 9 THCP

Sun State Ultra Blend brings a combo together that is trippy, upbeat and has a hybrid feel.  The 50mg combo of HHC, D8, D9, and the addition of THCP creates a heady slightly motivated feel that will keep you from couch lock.  These lollipops taste great and we suggest trying 1/2 and see how you feel.  Higher tolerance customers enjoy a whole.

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