Boveda Humidity Packs


It is important to keep flower fresh.  No matter what container you keep your flower in, it is delicate and will loose or gain moisture over time.  Cannabis flower likes a consistence moisture content.  This allows for optimal preservation of the cannabinoids and terpenes (the stuff you want!)

Boveda is a 2 way moisture packet that enables the container to preserve your flower and keep it fresh and perfect for your use.  Over a few days it evens out the moisture content by either absorbing moisture or releasing it.  Your flower will stay fresh for several months.

They come individually wrapped.

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  • The 8gm size packs typically are used for 1oz of flower.  They extend the life of your flower by 2-4 months. (Using a larger pack or multiple packs extends the time even more!)
  • Each comes sealed in plastic.  Just remove the plastic and put the pack in your sealed flower container.
  • When Boveda loses softness, it’s time to replace. Small crystals will form over time.
  • The more Boveda you use, the longer it lasts
  • Boveda will never over-humidify
  • You can never use “too much” Boveda.
  • Use more Boveda than the minimum recommended. Think about upping the number of Boveda you use in your container if it’s in an extreme climate (desert-dry or rainforest-like) or when it’s exposed to seasonal humidity swings
  • Close your container once you remove your herbal medicine. The more you expose Boveda to air, the harder it has to work and the shorter it lasts.
  • Ingredients: Purified water-vapor, natural salts and odorless, tasteless food grade thickener (commonly used in salad dressing). The purified water-vapor flows in and out to absorb or add moisture to your product.