Delta 8 Flower


This is the best Delta 8 flower we’ve tried…. and we’ve tried a lot! This flower is coated with frosty trichomes and the smoke is a delight. Delta 8 is man-made from hemp and then applied to hemp flower. It has a stronger feel than traditional hemp and smokes great. It is a must for someone who wants a stronger feel from their hemp flower.

Bubba Kush is an Indica and good for PM

Hawaiian Haze is the life of the party Sativa AM.

CBG White is harvested early so the CBG is higher. It is a hybrid.

Frosted Lime makes your day better as a Sativa AM

Sour Lifter is a hybrid and a famous long time strain.

Jack Frost is a bright Sativa Hybrid

OG Kush is a well known strain hybrid for AM or PM

Cherry AK is a perfect social AM or PM


Clear selection


Trying to choose the strain that fits your needs? Take a look at our Strain Guide. We list the different strains with a chart reflecting the feedback we’ve received from customers.