Delta 8 Flower


This is the best Delta 8 flower we’ve tried…. and we’ve tried a lot! This flower is coated with frosty trichomes and the smoke is a delight. Delta 8 is man-made from hemp and then applied to hemp flower. It has a stronger feel than traditional hemp and smokes great. It is a must for someone who wants a stronger feel from their hemp flower.

Bubba Kush has a body heavy feel and is good for PM

CBG White is known for its help with discomfort for AM or PM

Hawaiian Haze is the life of the party with a creative and uplifting feel.

Sour Lifter is a great blend for anytime with a more body feel for AM

Frosted Lime is for staying on task and good balance for AM

Clear selection


Trying to choose the strain that fits your needs? Take a look at our Strain Guide. We list the different strains with a chart reflecting the feedback we’ve received from customers.

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