EMF & Essential Oil Necklace


EMF defense that is easy to wear. Tested and created from privately sourced volcanic mineral and clay.  The necklace can be effective in protecting and strengthening the human biofield.

Pick a style and color that appeals to you!  The beads have different stripes of glaze around them.  The rectangle is made of dark clay with brown glaze.  The round has a sea colored teal/green glaze.  The cross is made of dark clay with brown/tan glaze.  Each is hand made and includes a cord.  No two are alike.

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Technology has created hazardous electro-magnetic field (EMF’s). This includes:

Cell phones, computers, wireless devices, powerlines, microwaves, radio and cell towers to name just a few.

This jewelry is made from a privately sourced volcanic mineral and clay that can be effective in assisting to strengthen the human biofield. A strong biofield will assist the body in neutralizing the effects of EMF and raise   cellular energy.

The clay pendants are made by hand for use with any essential oils. Put a few drops of your favorite oil onto the bare clay and let it absorb. It will diffuse for 1-2 days.

With the use of oils and the added benefit of energy defense, many people notice improvement in mental clarity, overall energy, and feel stronger to take on daily stressors. The addition of oils can be tailored for particular use. This may be especially true for people surrounded by technology in their daily lives.

Our friends at The Well Nut have a Facebook group for classes and discussions regarding EMF and 5G.  Click here to join:  The Well Nut EMF 5G