Flask Bubbler


We are excited to share with you our favorite beautiful Artesian glass bubbler flasks. They come with a removeable glass bowl/downstem and are made from beautiful heavy glass. They are sturdy and come in a range of colors, just add water and your favorite flower. Each is handmade and will vary slightly, as no two are alike.

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Each is made from hand blown glass and there will be slight variations

The swirled stem flask bubblers have glass wrap ridges for ease of holding and are approximately 5-6″ ” tall

The smooth necked bubblers have a taller neck for longer cooling time and are approximately 6-7 ” tall

The tall flask bubbler has glass wrap ridges and are approximately 8″ tall

All come with removeable glass downstem/bowl. We also carry replacement downstems/bowls.

Keep them beautiful and clean with our ResRemover Cleaner

Don’t forget a pack of Daisy Glass Screens! They are a classy way to keep your flower from falling down into your bubbler. They come in a pack of 10.