HHC Tincture – Recreational Liquid 1000mg


HHC Tincture is a fun new product on the market!  This oil tincture is easy to dose as the dropper has marks.  It has a mild coconut flavor that tastes great and is easy to drop under the tongue for maximum absorption.  We recommend starting with 1/4 dropper of the HHC tincture and take it with a small snack such as cheese or a cookie (fat and sugar).



HHC tincture (hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol) is a new cannabinoid to hit the retail market.  It is related to and made from CBD and THC, with a similar feel to THC, but the molecular structure is simpler and binds with each persons’ receptors differently.  Many people like the HHC tincture for its happy/euphoric properties. In general, HHC is calming and acts as a sensory enhancer (taste, touch, hearing, etc), which many people find wonderfully sensual.  It tends to create mental stimulation (good for productivity) and visual stimulation (seeing colors and visual changes), but this varies greatly from person to person and changes depending upon dosage.  The higher the amount the more body heavy it can get.  So don’t be surprised if you and a friend have different experiences.


Ingredients:  MCT carrier oil, HHC, Coconut flavoring