Koala Pipe


The Koala comes in 2 styles, compact (2 1/4″ long) and easy to use with a smooth, effortless draw. Front Air Jet Cap burns contents much more fully and evenly than all other models AND it lets just enough air in with the flame so that coughing is dramatically minimized! Just apply flame.

– T High Efficiency SAT Black Rubber Pipe comes with 2 cartridges you fill with your favorite flower. Just insert the cartridge into your pipe.

– The Colored Metal Bowl and Wooden Mouthpiece is easy to pack and screw on the tip.

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-The black rubber Koala is a totally new design from Koala-T SAT! Has a unique easy-change cartridge inside the bowl and also includes an extra cartridge with silicone caps as a spare. Pipe cleans much more easily with a cartridge. Matte Black finish.

-The Colored Koala with wooden mouthpiece, is a bullet style with threading on the outside of the bowl for easy unscrewing. Just pack the bowl and put into a purse or pocket for easy travel and use. It has a colored metal finish and wooden mouthpiece.