Mad Hatter HHC Gummies


Mad Hatter gummies are a fun, trippy, non resty time. In smaller amounts they help settle your mind and promote focus. By adding a bit more, not only do they create a fun ‘head trip’ but you may notice Alice’s friends visiting you.

By mixing Mad Hatter and  Wonderland, you may take a trip down the rabbit hole, so plan for a fun time!

Each gummie has 15mg HHC + 10mg D9



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Mad Hatter 25mg HHC Gummies have a berry flavor for a heady feel

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, cane sugar, water, pectin, citric acid, hemp extract, natural flavors and colors. (Vegan, gluten-free)


HHC is hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol. It is related to and made from CBD and THC, with a similar feel to THC, but the molecular structure is simpler and binds with each person’s receptors differently. Many people like it for its happy/euphoric, heady properties. HHC is calming and a sensory enhancer (taste, touch, hearing, etc.), which many people find wonderfully sensual. It tends to create mental stimulation (good for productivity) and visual stimulation (seeing colors and visual changes), but this varies significantly from person to person and dosage.  So don’t be surprised if you and a friend have different experiences.


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