Topical Rollerball Serum Oil


A concentrated, penetrating topical serum used to target serious issues. The roller ball is great for targeted application such as the hands and forehead / temple area and is perfect to carry in a purse or pocket. We suggest applying a small amount and waiting 15 minutes. Then applying more if needed. It works very quickly and is very concentrated.

If you would like the same formula in a cream, try our Topical Cream



  • The rollerball has 300mg CBD,
  • Made in the USA
  • Ingredients: MCT (Coconut Oil), DMSO, Concentrated Hemp Oil, CBD.
  • DIRECTIONS: Apply to trigger points of discomfort. (Find the nerve bundle creating the discomfort for longer lasting relief.) Allow to dry for 15 minutes. Do not allow product to come into contact with clothing. It is an oil and will stain.
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