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RAW Rolling Papers have developed a cult-like following. RAW is a pure, less processed rolling paper unlike anything that you have ever seen or smoked. RAW Organic Hemp Paper is made from 100% organic hemp and unlike certain others contains no added chalk or dye! RAW Organic Hemp Papers are made using a special pure water method that naturally results a very thin light tan paper that burns extra slow and extra clean.This is paper the way it was meant to be, and every puff allows you to truly taste and enjoy your smoke.

RAW Organic Hemp Papers are made using organic pure hemp and an organic natural tree sap gumline which is masterfully prepared and applied in the Alcoy mountainous region of Spain.


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RAW Organic Hemp Paper is hands-down the world’s best organic hemp rolling paper made from hemp and an organic natural tree sap gumline!  RAW hemp papers are our favorite and we carry the 1 1/4 size as well as the King size.  1¼ is sometimes called Spanish Size as the first rolling papers ever produced were made in the Alcoy region of Spain and 85mm.  The King is 110mm long and about the same height as a 1¼ paper. RAW King is for those of us that like bigger smokes yet doesn’t have too much leftover paper width like older king sizes.

We’ve found the King size holds approximately 1-1.5g of flower and the Lean holds .75-1g flower comfortably without over packing and room to twist the tip.

1 1/4 has 50 leaves per pack

King has 32 leaves per pack