Single Prerolls Cones Premium and Top Shelf Flower


These single rolls and cones are a great way to try different hemp strains. Our rolls are wrapped in organic hemp paper from RAW with a full 1 gram of flower. Check out one, or check them all! You can’t go wrong!

All of our flower is organic, grown on craft farms. We carefully review every grower and know them by name. Our flower is Premium and Top Shelf and you can tell the difference between our flower and others.

Once you find your favorites, check out our other listings where you can buy the flower and roll your own, or smoke it in a pipe or pen.

Come back often to check out the plant strains we have in stock.

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  • US Grown Hemp from Craft Farms
  • Our inventory changes based upon our growers and our strict review of the flower.
  • Each roll has a minimum of 1g of ground flower from buds, no leaf. They are hand-rolled in premium RAW cones.
  • Trying to choose the strain that fits your needs? Contact us and we are happy to offer suggestions