Sleep Combo Bundles


These product bundles are our ‘go-to’ for sleep issues.  Watch the video below for information on each bundle option and chose the best fit for you.  Or, call / email us and we will help you pick the combo to fit your needs.

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These product bundles are our ‘go-to’ for sleep issues.  Watch the video below for information on each bundle option.

Kellie explains the ‘how’ and ‘why’ in this video.  All bundles with directions on our tips and best practices.

For more info on each item in the sleep bundles:

Level 1: Willie’s Chamomile Tea & Bath Bomb & 10 pack Endo nighttime gummies

Level 2: Nuleaf 900mg & Endo nighttime gummies Jar

Level 3: Nuleaf 1800 & Dream Recreational Gummies Jar

Level 4: Daytime CBD Endo Gummies Jar & Endo Indica Recreational Gummies Jar

Willie’s Remedy tea is a high quality tea with relaxing/calming CBD added for gentle relaxation.  This tea goes ‘toe-to-toe’ with the finest teas on the market.

Our bath bombs have always been popular with our customers.  One customer told us ‘It feels like I slid into a fur filled glove’.  Soak in a hot bath for 20 min, then slide into bed for a sleepy body-relaxing experience.

The NuLeaf 900mg/1800mg bottle is best dropped by the drop under the tongue and let absorb slowly. NuLeaf CBD oil is a whole-plant extract containing a full spectrum of naturally plant strain occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes for help with relaxation, stress, and sleep.

The nighttime Endo gummie formula contains 50mg CBD plus 2.5mg melatonin per piece for a deep, restful night’s sleep, which we recommend taking 2 hrs before bed.

The daytime/anytime Endo gummie formula makes for a great upbeat, positive outlook. The daytime formula are calming and uplifting/happy, and the nighttime / sleep formula.  Both have 50mg CBD per fruit slice!

Our Dream Gummies are meant for sleep!  These recreational gummies are a combo meant to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

The most popular product in our Recreational Products lineup is our Indica Endo gummies. These are a total body knockout for sleep and pain. (They contain Delta 8 THC and you will be high and NOT pass a drug test.)