Traditional Cannabis Medicine Recipe

By Kellie Kauten

Co-Owner Artistic Organics

Here at Artistic Organics we love to do research and share information with you.  Ever wondered how people consumed cannabis flower a long time ago? How did they make a Traditional Cannabis Medicine Recipe?  We know the plant was added to over 75% of medicines because it helps make plant based medicine work better.  Over a century ago they didn’t have pharmaceuticals and medicine was mostly plant based.  So, lets go back over 100 years.   Sure they rolled the flower into joints and smoked them, but there are other ways to ingest the plant without smoking.   So, for fun, I went in search of traditional recipes to try. (Also, read the blog on how to make tea.)

After much digging into old methods and over a year of testing various recipes I’ve got one to share with you.   I wanted  to preserve the old time methods, but still make a very potent product you can make yourself. The plus side of this recipe is its easy, inexpensive, fun to make and I’ve found this method makes more usable product than smoking hand-rolls, so its very cost effective.  The down side is it takes time as the product needs to sit and not everyone may want to take an alcohol based product.

A side note with a bit of science and history….  The plant, in its raw form, has molecules that are Acids.  You may have seen CBD and CBDA, THC and THCA.  The ‘A’ is the raw Acid in the growing plant.  Once that ‘Acid’ is converted, usually via heat Decarboxylation , the molecule looses the ‘A’ and becomes CBD or THC, for example. Then these molecules need to be pulled from the plant so we can absorb them.  The simplest method is to apply heat to dried plant , in the form of fire to decarboxylate, and inhale the smoke to absorb it.  But smoking isn’t the only way to absorb the molecules…. there are other methods such as alcohol and freezing that also pull the molecules from the plant.  These methods have been around for hundreds of years and was easily accessible to everyone.   I combined all of these methods to pull as much as possible from the plant in an easy to absorb, non smoking recipe. (As a note… decarboxylation is the first step in making edibles.  I’ll add a note at the bottom about edibles)

Most of the equipment you already have and you only need 1 ingredient… other than your favorite AO flower.  So, lets get to the fun part….  a Traditional Cannabis Medicine Recipe….  (I’ll add lots of notes throughout the recipe)


7gm of your favorite flower

Everclear or the strongest indigestible % alcohol allowed in your state.

(Brandy and Vodka work too, but you loose a good % of the plant because of the lower alcohol %, so its worth a trip to the store if Everclear is available to you )


Glass jar

(I prefer a 1/2 pint or jelly size mason jar with the lid)

Gram scale, unless you already have your flower weighed out

Decarboxilator or your oven

Measuring cup



1. Weigh out your favorite AO Flower to equal 7 grams.  Break the buds up into small pieces, don’t grind it yet.

2. The flower needs to be decarboxilated.  This means it is heated to convert the cannabinoids into a form that is more usable by the body. (This is why eating the raw plant has a different effect vs. heating it)  You can buy a decarboxilator such as the Lyft, which is a little oven, the size of a coffee grinder.  It roasts the plant without any smell and can preserve up to 30% more of the cannabinoids vs other methods.  (It is a bit pricy, but it pays for itself if you want to make edibles or dry any herb.)

If you want to decarboxilate in your oven, just put your flower in a jar and cover it with a loose fitting lid or just pile it on a cookie sheet.  Bake it for 1 hour at a temperature of 300 degrees.  An oven thermometer is good for this because you don’t go above 300 as some cannabinoids will burn off.  Be warned, this method does smell up your kitchen!

The pieces of flower will turn an even golden brown color.  It won’t look burnt, but all of the ‘green’ color will be gone.  Here’s an example of fresh from the jar flower  sitting above freshly decarboxilated flower.

3.  Let your flower cool, then grind it and put it into the mason jar with 1/4 cp of everclear, or the strongest % alcohol you have. (I don’t personally like to use a coffee grinder.  Hand grinding finely.)

4.  Put it into your freezer and wait….. This is the hard part.

You’ll notice it will change color over time.  It will be ready to try in about 10 days.  Gently shake it each time you open the freezer.

The product will continue to develop over several weeks.  I’ve found that it becomes stronger over time and we enjoy it the most after about 8 weeks and it just keeps getting stronger for about 6 months. Its fun to process a different strain every week or two, so you continually have a new product to try.   The color will continue to darken into shades of green and/or brown.  Different plant strains develop into either brown or green hues.  Below are photos of different strains.

5.  You can use it straight from the freezer, or put it into a food safe glass dropper bottle.  (Personally I like to keep the large jar in the freezer and pour about 1-2 weeks worth of liquid out into a smaller dropper bottle.)

As a note… from a 7 gm jar you will usually get between 5-7 hand rolls (depending upon how you roll).  Making the tincture will get you several 1 oz jars of liquid alcohol tincture, which will last you much longer than 7 hand rolls.

I suggest starting with 1/2-1 dropper of your home made alcohol tincture.  Mix it with water or put into any drink.  You can put it straight into your mouth, but remember this is everclear… and its pretty harsh to take straight up.

A side note on edibles… How to make Sea Salt Chocolate Hemp Bark (with lots of variations)…….

(Your flower has already been heated/decarboxylated.  Don’t reheat it above 200 degrees in a recipe.  Add it once the item cools. )

1.  Once you’ve decarboxylated your flower, store it in an airtight jar.  (It will last a week or two, so use it fairly quickly.)  You can grind it finely into flour and put into any edible recipe.

2.  I personally like to melt my favorite chocolate (8-12 oz) and as it cools add the hemp along with a pinch of cinnamon and pour it onto a parchment/foil lined cookie sheet.  Sprinkle with large chunked sea salt.


2.  Melt your favorite chocolate, add the hemp, pour over your favorite nuts and sprinkle with large chunked raw sugar.  Pour onto a parchment/foil lined cookie sheet.

3.  Refrigerate for an hour.  Break it into pieces and store in an airtight jar.


Make your favorite cupcake recipe.  When you make your frosting, stir in the hemp.  If you don’t like the cannabis taste you may need to add a strong spice such as cinnamon, orange, or rosemary.

Get creative and let us know if you make your own Traditional Cannabis Medicine Recipe.

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