Transporting Hemp, Stopped By Law Enforcement

Being stopped by a cop / law enforcement when having a hemp product in public, can be worrisome. Hemp smells and looks just like its cousin Marijuana.  So, what should someone do if stopped by law enforcement?

One of the top lawyers in the cannabis industry, Rod Kight, has a 2 part article suggesting what someone should do if they are stopped by law enforcement in public while hemp is in your possession.

Part 1 of the articles goes into detail regarding your legal rights and what you should do.  This includes having access to your hemp labs. Here at Artistic Organics, all of our labs are publicly accessible on our website.  Click here to view our labs.  Its also important to stay calm and know your rights.

Stopped By Law Enforcement, Transporting Hemp Part 1

Part 2 of the articles describes what to do if you are transporting hemp in a vehicle and/or across state lines.   Once again, staying calm and knowing your rights regarding the search of your vehicle is important.  Know that it is legal to transport hemp, but states have different laws.  For more detailed information read part 2.

Stopped By Law Enforcement, Transporting Hemp Part 2


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