#5 How Will I Feel?

Kellie from Artistic Organics discusses another common question we get from customers. In this video #5 she discusses “How do you feel on CBD?” Does it make you “high” like THC? Are there negative effects? What do most of our customers tell us?  Check out this short video…..   5 How Will I Feel?

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    Nancy Bohn
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    I am 68 years old and I am a cashier at Sprouts and I stand on my feet in a very small area for hours on end. I was diagnosed years ago with RA. And as I get older it’s just getting worse and worse. I walked into a CBD store in Frisco several months ago with tears in my eyes because I hurt so bad. I bought the cream, oil, and honey sticks. I started using it immediately. I went to Sprouts and worked my shift and I swear to God, I did not have any pain whatsoever. My managers could notice the change immediately. So to make a long story short I wouldn’t be talking to you today if it wouldn’t be for CBD. My life depends on it. And I wouldn’t start my day without it. I have no effects from it what so ever I can’t tell that I have been using anything. I don’t feel high, All I know is that I am pain free.

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