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There is a wide range of dosage suggestions out there. We created these guides to help you find the right amount to take for you.  Also our tips include how to have a consistent, enjoyable experience with our recreational products every time. 

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“Research has shown that small doses of cannabinoids from cannabis can signal the body to make more endocannabinoids and build more cannabinoid receptors. This is why many first-time cannabis users don’t feel an effect, but by their second or third time using the herb they have built more cannabinoid receptors and are ready to respond. More receptors increase a person’s sensitivity to cannabinoids; smaller doses have larger effects, and the individual has an enhanced baseline of endocannabinoid activity. Small, regular doses of cannabis might act as a tonic to our most central physiologic healing system.”

This is why we have guidelines we give for every product we sell.  (See our guides in the FAQ above ‘Tips & Tricks Guide’

We must first preface any answer to this question by saying we are not lawyers nor doctors and cannot provide legal or medical advice.

The answer is: ‘Yes you will test positive on a drug test’. (Each individual employer is different, so keep reading to find out what to ask your employer)

Recently (Sept 2022) the Department Of Justice published a new ruling stating that hemp granola bars and hemp topicals are banned for its employees.  So, the federal government has banned non-psychoactive products.

Most employers performing a drug screening will use the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) guidelines. These guidelines specify an initial urine test for the analyte THC (the psychoactive compound). Other non-psychoactive cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBG, etc) will not typically be identified in this test.

If a test looks for all cannabinoids or comes back positive the SAMHSA guidelines typicallsspecify a more accurate GC/MS analysis is usually performed to eliminate any potential for false-positive results from the urine analysis (check with your employer). In a GC/MS analysis, the molecule differences between CBD and THC are easily identified.

You must consult your employer’s guidelines and acceptance criteria for their definition of what is considered illegal drug use. Some companies may include all cannabinoids in their policy, which can impact drug testing results for CBD users.

This does not apply to Delta 8 / HHC / THCO or other new cannabinoids on the market.  These will cause a positive drug test.

Tip:  If you want to know if you’d test positive, there are many low-cost testing companies that will do the same test your employer would use. (Verify they don’t report results to your insurance.)

Pets need help too, so we put together some suggestions below on how to use the products for your furry babies. We suggest starting with half the recommended dosage and slowly working up to an amount at which you notice a difference in your pet. Pets are much smaller than people and the dosage should be slowly titrated up to find what works best for them.  We do carry pet-specific products with added flavoring to make them more appealing to your furry friends.

Click Here for the Pet Guide

You spend the time to find the flower you love, only to notice each time you smoke it the flower has become dryer and less tasty with a lower ‘feel’.  A simple solution is Boveda and CVault.  They keep your flower fresh for months!

Flower is delicate and will lose moisture over time as well as potency.  Cannabis flower likes a consistence moisture content in a well-sealed container for the best experience.  This allows for optimal preservation of the cannabinoids and terpenes (the stuff you want!) 

We love the CVault with Boveda packs to maintain the optimal moisture content and preserve your flower in an airtight humidity-controlled environment.  Each CVault is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel and built to last to ensure your flower is out of the light and in a moisture-controlled environment.

Boveda is a 2-way moisture packet that enables the container to preserve your flower and keep it fresh and perfect for your use. This allows it to burn slower and helps prevent uneven burning.  It also makes the flower feel a bit more ‘sticky’ so it compacts and rolls well. 

Once you add a Boveda to a container, over a few days, it evens out the moisture content by either absorbing moisture or releasing it.  It also seals in the smell, so many customers notice a reduction in the smell of their flower, but when you break open/grind a bud, the smell is released.  This is what you want!

The more packs you put in with your flower, the longer it lasts.  Depending upon your environment and how well your container is sealed, and how often it is opened, one Boveda pack lasts 2-4 months.  You will know when it expires because hard lumps will form that feel like sand, and the liquid feel of the pack will disappear. 

Check out both the CVault and Boveda on our shopping page to preserve your flower.

Tip: If you have more than one flower strain, you can combine them in one CVault.  Just put a divider between the flower strains to tell them apart.

Laws & News & Education

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of many (over 200) cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBD is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and is being scientifically investigated for numerous reasons. Most people have heard of a cannabinoid called THC, which gets users high. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and does not cause a high.

Both hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, Cannabis.

As of 1994 the US government defined hemp as the cannabis plant with less than .3 % THC. (, thus Marijuana is a plant with over .3% THC. 

Hemp has long been used for the industrial production of items such as clothing and rope. It is popular as a cooking oil, superfood (hemp seeds) and in many beauty products.

Low THC (< .3%) is the single difference most rely on to distinguish industrial hemp from marijuana.

In general, today, it is the THC level that defines the difference between hemp and marijuana.

Marijuana is not legal federally, but in some states it is legal, whereas hemp is federally legal in all states.

Therefore, since marijuana is not legal in Texas (for example), products in Texas can only be made from hemp.  In Colorado (for example) products can be made from both hemp and marijuana since marijuana is both medically and recreationally legal.

The Endocannabinoid System, named after the plant that led to its discovery, and the receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. In each tissue, the endocannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis, the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.

As we continue to sort through the emerging science of cannabis and cannabinoids, one thing remains clear: a functional endocannabinoid system is essential for health.

To read more we recommend this article:


Terpenes are a group of compounds found in the essential oils of plants, especially flowers, conifers and citrus trees. They tend to be very strong smelling and tasting. These essential oils give Cannabis its distinct smell and taste. Many compare it to lavender, pine, eucalyptus, and citrus. These are very strong smelling/tasting oils naturally occurring in the cannabis plant.  For someone looking for whole body therapy, it is essential to take a whole plant product.  You can tell if a product is made from the whole plant by checking the smell and taste and making sure it has a strong distinctive smell and taste. This is another reason why we look at labs to verify the product contains a variety of terpenes.

If you read only one FAQ, please read this one

This Cannabis industry is like a roller-coaster. Creative marketing is everywhere. There are no regulations on wording, any manufacturer can use any wording. They are all competing to gather market share because demand from consumers is so high. You hear crazy stories of miracle healing. People who the traditional medical industry can’t help are finding hope. So let’s take a step back and look at how a consumer should approach the industry.

Ignore the hype. Let’s set some realistic expectations…. This is plant-based medicine. It probably won’t work like ‘popping a pill’. Most consumers try 3-4 products before they find one that works for them.
So, how do we wade through this confusion?

1 – Read the online reviews about a business. Are there any reviews from people that state it didn’t work for them? That’s good because you know the company posts all reviews, not just the good ones.

2 – The industry has very little regulation, therefore it is up to the consumer to make sure the product is clean, contains what is on the label and has no solvents or pesticides. Ignore the marketing, look at the lab results. The products are made from a plant that works on nerves and cells at a cellular level, and you don’t want any toxic items! When reviewing a company, do they have labs with actual values next to each item tested? Did you know that if you see “NT” as a lab value it means Not Tested? Read the fine print. Manufacturers will post labs with a long list of NT, and state…” Look we tested our product”.

This can be tedious and you may feel you need a degree.  Don’t stress, we review every lab and product we sell so you don’t have to.

3- Understand that this plant brings the body into homeostasis. That means each part of the body tries to come to a level or stable state of equilibrium. It doesn’t mask conditions, it adjusts body function to what it should be. People notice the “absence” of their issues. This doesn’t happen overnight, after all, it took your body years to get these issues. Research suggests 3-4 weeks is typical, with some conditions changing sooner and some much later. This is especially true for deep / chronic issues.

4- So, after you’ve read reviews, looked at the labs/talked to the store, and have realistic time expectations…. buy enough product to test for 30 days and start at a very low dose. This is typically 5-10mg. Then adjust the dosage up every few days. Pay attention…are you less forgetful? Is your pain less? Are you suddenly more engaged with life? Do you sleep better? Is your digestive system calmer? Pay attention to your body. Don’t be surprised if, for example, you got the product for your back pain and you notice you remember where you put your keys more often. Look at the various issues with your body. Pay attention to what “disappears” and “gets better”.  The body will decide what it wants to balance and each ‘issue’ you have may balance one at a time.

5 – So you’ve bought a product and have questions.  Contact us!  Most of our clients reach out to us with questions within 2 weeks.  We will quiz you on how it is working and may suggest adjustments.  Our goal is to tailor both application and product selection for your body.

6 – It is highly recommended to have a partnership with a medical professional or pharmacist. Products can interact with Rx medications and other supplements.  Share your experiences with them. Plus share your excitement at your successes. Your experience could help another patient! Nothing is better than knowing your story has helped others.

Here at Artistic Organics we want to hear your story. Most customers let us know how they are doing at the one and two week mark. Many times we suggest small adjustments that make a big improvement.

7 – Enjoy the experience….as you heal you may have a wild and crazy story of your own. Tell your friends and share your story, but let people know realistic expectations.

8 – Share your review on Google.  This is where many people look for honest feedback on a store and their products.

All Products Are Lab Tested And Below Federal Limits of .3% THC. Please see our FAQ for our labs,

Our CBD products are derived from the Cannabis hemp plant and comply with the federally mandated amount of a 0.3% Delta 9 THC limit. Routine drug tests, such as those you may take for a job often screen for THC, the psychoactive compounds found in Cannabis or Cannabinoids in general. There may be a possibility for a false positive or true positive result. If this is a big concern we recommend not taking CBD as we cannot be held liable for test results.


This info is from the Frisco Chamber of Commerce.  We thank them for summarizing this topic into an easy to understand format.

For more information:  Click Here For The Texas House’s Explanation


“I’m just a bill, yes I’m only a bill, and I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill…” Many of us remember that catchy School House Rock animation of years past. And while Bill gave us an explanation on how he became law at a national level, we’d like to share an overview of the Texas Legislative process, as your Frisco Chamber prepares for the 88th Legislative session.

Odd Numbered Years

The 88th Texas legislative session begins on January 10, 2023, and goes through May 29, 2023, for a total of 140 days. Meeting every odd-numbered year, legislators convene to address concerns and issues facing the state through passage of new laws. The governor can also call special sessions that last no more than 30 days and must only take aim at issues chosen by the Governor.

Great Idea!…Now What?

According to The Legislative Process in Texas, published by the Texas Legislative Council,

  • “Only a legislator may introduce a bill into the legislative process, although the idea for a bill may originate from a source other than the legislator, such as an interested outside party of the findings of a committee study.”

If you notice the verbiage about “interested outside party” that is where your Frisco Chamber comes into play. We are your advocate for business-related issues, with the elected officials who represent Frisco, Collin and Denton Counties, during the legislative session. We take the feedback and concerns that you provide us, and address them with the appropriate persons of government.

Following the Route

The Collin County Business Alliance’s “Collin County Votes” page provides several infographics under their RESOURCES tab, including “How to Pass a Bill in Texas.” For a more detailed look at the process for both senate and house bills, the below graphics take us through possible scenarios and variable outcomes. During the 87th legislative session, 9,999 bills were filed with 3,803 passing and 21 being vetoed. In short, it takes many ideas in the pipeline to comprise the legislation that makes it to the end of the journey to become law.

Texas How a Bill Becomes A Law


You’ve probably heard people mention D8 or Delta 8, from advertisements, friends and stores.  Once it was introduced by Artistic Organics, it has become a customer favorite.  We can certainly see why.   The effects are definitely more prominent than CBD with a moderate “high” that are similar to recreational products that contain THC. The effects can be very apparent and vary by product. We ask our customers their opinion on every product and share this info to help you choose the right product for you.   To help people navigate through the hype and decide if Delta 8 is for you, we’ve prepared a full explanation of everything you need to know about Delta-8.

Delta-8 THC vs. Delta-9 THC

Delta-9 is the more commonly known THC that is found in cannabis and is famed for its psychoactive effects that drives the marijuana (MJ) market. Taking Delta-9 and trying to be functional is not always easy to do. This is where Delta-8 is different. Delta-8 is one of many cannabinoids found in both Hemp and Marijuana.  However, it is found in such trace amounts, that you cannot extract it economically or breed plants with a high amount of Delta 8.   This is why you will never find natural Delta 8 hemp flower anywhere. (Delta 8 flower is hemp flower with Delta 8 concentrate applied to it).  

What Is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is considered an isomer. (isomers are two or more compounds with the same formula but a different arrangement of atoms in the molecule and different properties). While Delta-9-THC is generally considered what gets you “high” when you consume Marijuana, Delta-8’s effects are not as pronounced. There is no doubt that there is a moderate intoxicating effect, but to a lesser extent than it’s Delta-9 counterpart. Be aware: Delta-8 is THC, so you will test positive on a drug test.

But Wait… Is it Legal? (A non-lawyer point of view)

When the Federal Government approved the Farm Bill 2018, it essentially removed hemp from the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). Hemp is defined as:

‘‘the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of that plant, including the seeds thereof and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a delta9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.”   Click Here for the Farm Bill

Notice they are very specific to the type of THC in that definition. Also, note that isomers are also defined in the Bill. From this definition Delta 8 is legal. We believe that if in 2018 they knew that in 2020 delta 8 would be available, the wording might have been different. 

As with many states, the State of Texas emulated their Hemp bill with the Federal Government, which indicates that isomers derived from hemp are also removed from the CSA. This makes Delta-8 legal in Texas and many other states.  Each state created its own cannabis laws and Delta-8 is not legal in all states. In fact states are currently changing their laws regarding Delta 8. So expect changes in the future!


Delta-8 has become incredibly popular lately since the effects are often more intense than CBD, but less so than marijuana and you will test positive on a drug test.  From our personal experiences and those of our clients, there is no doubt Delta 8 is a game-changer in the cannabis industry.  This is especially true in states where marijuana is not legal.   Many feel that even if marijuana became legal in Texas, there is still a strong market for Delta 8 because it is more ‘functional’ and enjoyable.   Artistic Organics carries Delta-8 in a variety of forms including gummies and edibles, tinctures, flower, and vape. They will be in the Recreational section of our website.  We’ve found that each method has its own particular onset time, effect, and duration.   Contact Us for help picking the right product for you.

Disclaimer: The legal positions expressed in this article are not intended to be, and should not be construed as legal advice. The issues presented and legal theories asserted are novel. You should consult with an attorney before taking any action regarding these matters.

THE ECS Needs Stimulation

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is the regulation system in your body (For more info on the ECS, take a look at this article from Leafly on how the system plays a critical role in the body.)  This system is directly affected by the cannabis plant and it’s molecules such as CBD, THC, HHC, THCO, etc.

Like any body function, it needs stimulation.  “ECS does well with similar stimuli that create a short-term strong production of cannabinoids, like exercise”.   So, this leads to the question of : What other stimuli can cause an increase?  Would orgasms increase the body’s production of cannabinoids?  The answer is ‘yes’.  As the article states they are a ‘double-whammy’ for training the ECS.

“Sex [with orgasm] is the double-whammy for sure. It’s a triple or quadruple whammy. It involves touch. In animals, touch and social grooming are strong ways to stimulate endocannabinoid release. I think many people don’t have enough social grooming activities or physically touch each other on a daily basis, but feel better when they do.”, stated Dr Sulak, who is a premier authority on the cannabis plant.

Dr Wilson-King suggests that multiple orgasms for women are best and Dr Sulak suggests delayed orgasms in men.

Dr. Sulak elaborates, saying “I really want to encourage people to not feel like they need a partner to achieve the health benefits. So many people think, what am I going to do right now? Oh, I’ll either jog or maybe I’ll meditate or something. And the idea of a sexual health practice probably doesn’t even occur to most of the readers.”

As with any system in the body, repeated and often exercise is important.  Daily orgasms are suggested.  So the next time you think about taking care of your body, consider exercising your ECS!  Have fun!!

Cannabis to Enhance Sex

Research has shown the moderate amounts of the cannabis plant can enhance sex.  Artistic Organics carries several products made to stimulate the ‘senses’.  You’ll find us mention ‘sensory stimulation’ when we describe products.  Taste, Touch, Smell… basically all of the senses become heightened, which can increase pleasure.  Each person will have their own personal preference, so Contact Us and we will be happy to recommend products.

Here at Artistic Organics we love to do research and share fun information with you.  Ever wondered how people consumed cannabis a long time ago? How did they make a Traditional Cannabis Medicine Recipe?  We know the plant was added to over 75% of medicines in the 1800’s because it helps make plant based medicine work better.  Over a century ago they didn’t have pharmaceuticals and medicine was mostly plant based.  So, lets go back over 100 years.   Sure they rolled the flower into joints and smoked them, but there are other ways to ingest the plant without smoking.   So, for fun, I went in search of traditional recipes to try.

After much digging into old methods and over a year of testing various recipes I’ve got one to share with you.   I wanted  to preserve the old time methods, but still make a very potent product you can easily make yourself. The plus side of this recipe is it’s easy, inexpensive, fun to make and I’ve found this method makes more usable product than smoking hand-rolls, so its very cost effective.  The down side is it takes time as the product needs to sit.

A side note with a bit of science and history….  The plant, in its raw form, has molecules that are Acids.  You may have seen CBD and CBDA, THC and THCA.  The ‘A’ is the raw Acid in the growing plant.  Once that ‘Acid’ is converted, usually via heat Decarboxylation , the molecule looses the ‘A’ and becomes CBD or THC, for example. Then these molecules need to be pulled from the plant so we can absorb them.  The simplest/oldest method is to apply heat to the dried plant, in the form of fire to decarboxylate, and inhale the smoke to absorb it.  But smoking isn’t the only way to absorb the molecules…. there are other methods such as alcohol and freezing that also pull the molecules from the plant without using fire.  These methods have been around for hundreds of years and was easily accessible to everyone.   I combined all of these methods to pull as much as possible from the plant in an easy to absorb, non smoking recipe. (As a note… decarboxylation is the first step in making edibles.  I’ll add a note at the bottom about edibles)

Most of the equipment you already have and you only need 1 ingredient… other than your favorite flower.  So, lets get to the fun part….  a Traditional Cannabis Medicine Recipe….  (I’ll add lots of notes throughout the recipe)


7gm of your favorite flower

Everclear or the strongest indigestible % alcohol allowed in your state.

(Brandy and Vodka work too, but you loose a good % of the plant because of the lower alcohol %, so its worth a trip to the store if Everclear is available to you )


Glass jar

(I prefer a 1/2 pint or jelly size mason jar with the lid)

Gram scale, unless you already have your flower weighed out

Decarboxilator or your oven

Measuring cup



1. Weigh out your favorite flower to equal 7 grams.  Break the buds up into small pieces, don’t grind it yet.

2. The flower needs to be decarboxilated.  This means it is heated to convert the cannabinoids into a form that is more usable by the body. (This is why eating the raw plant has a different effect vs. heating it)  You can buy a decarboxilator such as the Lyft, which is a little oven, the size of a coffee grinder.  It roasts the plant without any smell and can preserve up to 30% more of the cannabinoids vs other methods.  (It is a bit pricy, but it pays for itself if you want to make edibles or dry any herb.)

If you want to decarboxilate in your oven, just put your flower in a jar and cover it with a loose fitting lid or just pile it on a cookie sheet.  Bake it for 1 hour at a temperature of 300 degrees.  An oven thermometer is good for this because you don’t go above 300 as some cannabinoids will burn off.  Be warned, this method does smell up your kitchen!

The pieces of flower will turn an even golden brown color.  It won’t look burnt, but all of the ‘green’ color will be gone.  Here’s an example of fresh from the jar flower  sitting above freshly decarboxilated flower.

3.  Let your flower cool, then grind it and put it into the mason jar with 1/4 cp of everclear, or the strongest % alcohol you have. (I don’t personally like to use a coffee grinder.  I prefer to hand grinding finely.)

4.  Put it into your freezer and wait….. This is the hard part.

You’ll notice it will change color over time.  It will be ready to try in about 10 days.  Gently shake it each time you open the freezer.

The product will continue to develop over several weeks.  I’ve found that it becomes stronger over time and we enjoy it the most after about 8 weeks and it just keeps getting stronger for about 6 months. Its fun to process a different strain every week or two, so you continually have a new product to try.   The color will continue to darken into shades of green and/or brown.  Different plant strains develop into either brown or green hues.  Below are photos of different strains.

5.  You can use it straight from the freezer, or put it into a food safe glass dropper bottle.  (Personally I like to keep the large jar in the freezer and pour about 1-2 weeks worth of liquid out into a smaller dropper bottle.)

A fun note… from a 7 gm jar you will usually get between 5-7 hand rolled joints to smoke (depending upon how you roll).  Making this tincture recipe will get you several 1 oz jars of liquid alcohol tincture, which will last you much longer than 7 joints.

I suggest starting with 1/2-1 dropper of your home made alcohol tincture.  Mix it with water or put into any drink.  You can put it straight into your mouth, but remember this is made with everclear… and its pretty harsh to take straight up.

 Sea Salt Chocolate Bark

(Go through step 3 above and decarboxylate your flower )

1.  Once you’ve decarboxylated your flower, store it in an airtight jar.  (It will last a week or two, so use it fairly quickly.)  You can grind it finely into flour and put into any edible recipe. 1/8 cup is a good amount to start with in a recipe.  Adjust as needed next time.

2.  I personally like to melt my favorite chocolate (8-12 oz) and as it cools add the powdered flower along with a pinch of cinnamon and pour it onto a parchment/foil lined cookie sheet.  Sprinkle with large chunked sea salt.

Chocolate Nuts

1. Same as above

2.  Melt your favorite chocolate, add the ground flower, pour over your favorite nuts and sprinkle with large chunked raw sugar.  Pour onto a parchment/foil lined cookie sheet.

3.  Refrigerate for an hour.  Break it into pieces and store in an airtight jar.


  1. Same as above

2. Make your favorite cupcake recipe. 

3 When you make your frosting, stir in the ground flower.  If you don’t like the cannabis taste you may need to add a strong spice such as cinnamon, orange, or rosemary to the frosting.

Get creative and let us know how you make your own Traditional Cannabis Medicine Recipe.

This fantastic podcast series explains the cannabis plant and how it works on the ECS in the body.    The human body is constantly changing and its important for the communication between cells to work efficiently, especially regarding chronic conditions.  There are a range of podcasts on various chronic conditions and various ailments.

The podcasts can be accessed on Stitcher or Podcast Addict.

Artistic Organics

The owners of Artistic Organics have been interviewed several times over the years to help educate on the cannabis plant and industry.

In 2020 the owners were interviewed by Community Impact Newspaper. 

Take a look at the article here  (Update:  Ed has since gone onto another business venture and Kellie has been joined by her husband Rick)

Artistic Organics was also a Featured CI Business in 2020.  Click Here

Kellie was Interviewed about CBD on Big Girl Pants Podcast

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Artistic Organics won FRISCO STYLE’S 2019 BEST OF BUSINESS

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Frisco Style Interview:  CBD What’s the BFD?

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Artistic Organics was interviewed by CBS News DFW

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We are continually researching and vetting various companies and their products throughout the US. We go through an extensive process which includes reviewing: labs, business ethics/practices, pricing, energetic testing to make sure it is compatible the the human body, medical professional reviews, and detailed client reviews and testing. (Yes this means we and our customers test every product.) 

When you come in we will honestly tell you the difference between products based upon customer feedback and our own experience. We do the research so you don’t have to!

Typically the process to bring in a new product takes about 3 months.

We only deal with very professional growers and manufacturers. They must care about their products, customers and must be from US grown plants.

One of Kellie’s Trips To Oregon:

Here at Artistic Organics we do have very specific criteria for choosing top quality products, but,  it’s the relationships we have with our farmers that sets us apart.  We look for integrity and a caring passion for the crops they grow and manufacture. 

Oregon is filled with beautiful mountains and friendly people who have a passion for what they do.  Central Oregon is beautiful with mountains and valleys where all forms of produce are grown.  The winters are cold and the same length as the hot summers. The fields are fertile with plants and animals of all forms and the people love what they do and want to share it with others. These are factors that make Oregon one of the top cannabis production states in the US

We, here at Artistic Organics, love outdoor cultivated plants because they are exposed to natural issues of wind, sun and pests.  These natural growing conditions are a beautiful site to see …. rows of plants swaying in the wind with insects, birds and wildlife among them! You can imagine my excitement to meet with these people to expand our knowledge and share with you a bit about my trip and plenty of photos!

I was able to visit the farm who grows and blends our AO oil.  I walked through each step of the process…. how each plant is started indoors in a greenhouse, then transplanted outdoors in the late Spring and harvested during a short window of time in October. Due to the dry summer weather in Oregon, the fields are irrigated with drip lines and fertilizer is 100% organic made from natural substances in support of organic practices.  No pesticides are used.  This means the strongest plants survive. The farmers plan for this natural selection process.  They also plant a careful selection of plants to help with particular symptoms. An interesting note…. unlike other farmers, the plants are manually harvested whole and dried naturally over the course of several days.  No external heat is applied, nor is the process sped up.  This natural process is unique because it isn’t rushed and its the way the plant has been grown and harvested for 100’s of years.  These careful, natural processes make our AO oil products truly unique and special.

In contrast to fields with a few hundred plants I was able to travel to visit with Gold Standard, which is a large farm who specializes in organic flower. They don’t try to create a variety of products, instead they excel at top quality dried flower of just a few strains. This farm started a few years ago as small, family owned.  As word spread of their quality and specialization, they have grown to thousands of plants and ship throughout the US.  Even with their size and growth they use very little modern technology and much of the work is done by hand.  They took me on tours, answered my numerous questions, and were excited I came to visit.  They really take pride in what they do and the love of the industry comes out in every conversation.

To round out my knowledge during the trip, I was also able to visit with an herbal company who has been in business for years and specializes in creating herbal blends with and without hemp.  I was introduced to the very old concept of combining herbs made from several types of non-hemp plants into a mix.  At first I thought it was a typical tea, but these blends can be smoked or used in a tea.  I was excited to try the various blends and learn about their small batch blending process.  The knowledge of herbalism is a perfect companion to the hemp industry and we are excited to share the effectiveness of these products with our customers.

One of the highlights of the trip was a particularly special treat from a grower.  He has a friend who owns a high-end tea shop where the tea is custom blended and served to customers.  There are hundreds of choices and I was in for a very special surprise.  The owner uses the farmer’s hemp to create hemp tea. I felt like a 5-year-old bouncing in my seat as the owner explained the process he used to create our tea. I asked him for a simple version I could share with all of you.

The tea was a fantastic treat and I wanted to share with you his suggested recipe:

Hemp Tea

½ gram hemp flower, ground medium

Full fat coconut or dairy cream

Honey to sweeten

Take the ground flower and put it into a tea strainer.  Pour boiling water over the hemp (hemp requires very hot water to steep).  Cover with a lid and let steep 10 minutes. Add full-fat coconut or dairy. (The fat is needed for better absorption.)  Stir in a bit of honey to sweeten if desired.

I’ve had hemp tea before, but I was very surprised at the almost immediate effect of the tea after a few sips.

As a note….. tea, is prepared at around 200 degrees.  This temperature pulls out many of the cannabinoids and terpenes, but isn’t hot enough to burn them off (which happens around 350-400 degrees)

The whole trip was fun and educational as I learned about each of these farmers and how they specialize in what they do.  I was extremely impressed with the quality of the farms and the integrity of the people.  We, here at Artistic Organics, are excited to bring products from such crafters into our store. 

Visiting Farmers in Maine for Artistic Organics by Ed Mahoney

When Artistic Organics decided to embrace the CBD industry, they knew from the very beginning they wanted to do something special.    The goal was to make a positive impact on people’s health and educate at the consumer level far beyond what is found in the current market. There is so much not known in the industry, and even more so, a tremendous amount of misinformation. This can be counterproductive in an exploding industry where many people look to the internet for answers.

Research should begin at the source of all products, as it’s one of the best ways to understand the plant and know directly where products come from. American hemp farmers are probably one of the most educated sources on hemp around. Their knowledge of everything from seeds and soil to watering and flowering comes from generations of farmers. Therefore, when Artistic Organics decided to start touring farms around the country, you can imagine the excitement I felt when asked to interview and rub elbows with the true cultivators of the industry, where the US cannabis market was created… the East Coast.

Historically, you will hear about farms in Oregon, California, and Colorado the most. In fact, this is where some of the most popular cannabis products come from. However, since I was from the New England area, I wanted to see if there were any secrets out in my old kicking grounds that I could uncover.    I knew both Massachusetts and Maine had recently gone Medicinal and Recreational on the Marijuana side of the business, and therefore, I felt it would be credible to think that some of the oldest farming areas in our country would be a good resource for growing hemp.

As I started looking into farms, I wanted to be sure I kept Artistic Organics business criteria in place. If you didn’t already know, Artistic Organics goes through a very extensive process when  researching all products. First and foremost, the supplier MUST have in-depth, credible COA (Certificate of Analysis)..aka Labs. This is the litmus test to ensure you get what is advertised in a product.  Artistic Organics looks for CBD levels, THC levels, other cannabinoids levels, terpene profiles, and more.   If any one of these fails… it fails the requirements and they move on.    Other criteria include:

  •       Sustainability in the farm
  •       Extraction process
  •       Utilizing a single strain, or strain blend consistently
  •       Organic or equally proven methods of farming that exceed USDA and FDA requirements
  •       Ability to supply without any disruptions
  •       + approx. 10 additional criteria. (too many to list!)

Applying Artistic Organics’s criteria I was able to visit places on the East Coast and specifically Maine.  Let me share with you my experience….

Driving up to a Maine farm was much like everything Maine. You pass the old bridge, drive until you see the tractor, turn left and follow until you can’t go any further. I love that about Maine and it didn’t disappoint. I will admit, as I looked around, I was surprised to see the variations of elevations on the plot of land. There were also a lot of trees, rocks and natural growth abound. Far from the Texas flatlands I am so used to. It resonated with how the early farmers of America may have grown crops, which was very intriguing.

I walked among the rows of young hemp plants that varied in strain. Mostly Lifter and Berry Blossom, which has a very pleasing smell when you rub the stalks. These farmers went into great detail about the irrigation system which was part man-made, like most farms, but also utilized the topography of their land. It was quite ingenious actually. Soil in Maine typically has a high pH which results in an iron deficiency. Farmers manage this through a multi-layered soil approach that helps release nitrogen slowly into their soil which results in a more sustainable foundation for younger crops. Considering the younger plants looked absolutely amazing is a clear result of this process.

Ultimately, this particular farm’s goal is to create a completely closed-loop farm so their dependence on outside products will be minimal at best.  This is what I really wanted to see in person. A passion for hemp farming at its best is reflected in these farmers.

In my experience, I’ve seen farms with hundreds of acres and thousands of plants. Those farms are an amazing feat in itself. But where they exceed in quantity, they tend to lose in craftsmanship. Note that I am not really dissing the big guys on quality … because frankly some of them put out a great product.  But simply a culture lacking of what I call…. “Planting with intent.” This culture is demonstrated by utilizing nature’s resources to help the farm thrive. Think of it as big-name beer vs craft brew. Don’t get me wrong, I like big-name beers just as much as the next guy. But when I want something more…. Something with “bite” and “depth”… I go craft. This is the same for me with hemp. It’s interesting to compare the same strain such as Berry Blossom from a huge farm vs. a small craft farm. It tastes and smells much more complex coming from a small, “craft” farm.  This is something I felt was a huge difference in the quality of the final product.

My experience and what I learned in Maine was nothing short of extraordinary.  The farmers plant with care and focus on producing the best quality, natural product possible.  They opened their fields and farms to me and the education and experience allowed me to bring this knowledge back to you and all of our clients.

–Ed Mahoney for Artistic Organics

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We love trade shows.  You never know what new products we will find and info we can share.

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