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Artistic Organics is an independent,  locally, family owned and operated Frisco Texas CBD wellness company. We are one of the oldest CBD stores in DFW, with our store opening in 2018.  We specialize in hemp-derived products from US craft farms. We match specialized CBD products with symptomology and lifestyle to create a specialized plan to help clients.  Clients find relief from conditions and overall assistance with balancing the body. We are certified specialists with in-depth knowledge of CBD and other cannabinoids which far exceeds the basic knowledge found in larger chain stores. We host relaxed monthly classes that go into the history, benefits, myths, and legality of CBD and the cannabis plant.  This education helps our consumers fully understand what to expect and not expect from CBD and hemp products.

Artistic Organics is extremely particular in the brands and strains we carry. We have a very stringent proprietary 12 point criteria that we conduct when considering carrying any product. Every year we travel to visit our farmers, manufacturers, and various education points around the US.  We have researched well over 450 CBD products and product lines over the years with less than 5% making it to our shelves. Artistic Organics values a quality product with extensive cannabinoid and terpene profiles. (See our FAQ for more information)

Owners Rick and Kellie are in-store to assist customers and focus on their needs.  All of our staff at Artistic Organics goes through a Cannabis Certification Program designed to offer the most in-depth education on CBD and the cannabis plant so that they can have a knowledgeable discussion with our clients about their symptomology and which products will fit their lifestyle.

We also partner with medical practitioners to help educate on the plant and what it can do.  Often we refer people with deep-seated health issues to these practitioners and they refer customers to us who want more information on the plant.

Stop by the store or contact us to learn more about our selection of products and our personalized services.

Kellie and Artistic Organics has been interviewed by several sources.  Please visit our FAQ for interviews.

We look forward to helping you! —-  Kellie & Rick