Hyper-Oxygenated Body Lotion

MADE IN THE USA: 100% Organic and Terpene Rich! Non-greasy, hyper-oxygen formula that absorbs quickly. The hydrating body lotion is a combination of CBD hemp oil and other powerful natural ingredients. Silky, never greasy, this ultra performance lotion is very moisturizing and brings nature to your skin’s rescue!

The 8oz bottle comes with a pump.  The 2oz has a flip top and is great to keep at your desk, purse or in your car.


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Face Cream – Hyper-Oxygenated

This face cream is organic, silky, never greasy. Plumps, deeply moisturizes, and diminishes skin discoloration. Hyper Oxygenated Face Lotion has carefully selected ingredients — featuring CBD Hemp Oil. Customers who have tried this have raved about how much they love it.

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Lip Balm

Soft lips! This healing lip balm plumps your lips and moisturizes them at the same time. A glossy silky texture that’s never greasy and lasts all day. CBD and Terpene Rich.  Great for lip repair at night.

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Massage Oil

Essential oils give this a fresh spicy smell and your muscles and nerves will feel great too!  This massage oil is made of various oils, including CBD, blended together to compliment any type of massage technique.  It won’t leave you with that heavy, oily skin feel.  After massaging this oil should leave your skin feeling nourished and healthy.

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CBD Bath Bomb

A fun way to soak in the tub and get your CBD too.  Each Bomb has 25mg CBD.  We suggest submerging whatever is causing you discomfort for at least 20 minutes in hot water.  Plan to go to bed or relax afterwords.

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