Understanding EMF Jewelry

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EMF (Electro-magnetic field) is the field created by any living object and man made objects such as cell phones.  These fields are much like dropping a rock into a pond.  Ripples move out from the object, and interact with any object they encounter.

The challenge with EMF’s from cell phones, towers, etc is that those fields are very strong, invisible, and many feel not compatible with nature. They interfere with the human field and cause disruptions.  Some people have strong biofields and have no ill effects from man-made EMF fields.  But many people need help to strengthen their biofield.  This is especially true of people with chronic illnesses and people on the spectrum.

We’ve done research and developed a product that can be worn on the body and can strengthen the human energy field.  This can help the entire body function better.  Many people notice they can interact with electronic devices without getting tired or dizzy, they sleep better, they are less fatigued, etc.  Basically the body functions better with less constant stress from manmade EMF’s.

Through testing, we’ve discovered the device works best when it sits below the collarbone, on the sternum. Thus, a pendant on a chain is the delivery method we feel is easiest to use. Most people find it helps them feel ‘normal’ and many rarely take it off.  To view our selection, please visit our physical retail store, or our shop, here on the website: EMF Necklaces, and  EMF With Essential Oil


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  1. J
    | Reply

    Hi Kellie,

    What material is used in these pendants? I am learning that there are a number of ways to protect against EMF.

    • admin
      | Reply

      Its a volcanic basalt. It makes the body’s energetic field stronger so the EMF don’t imprint onto the body’s own field and change it. It doesn’t need to be recharged, like some devices. They last indefinitely…. or I should say they have since we started, which was 3 years ago. We have every design independently checked for strength and longevity.


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